Bild & USB Hub über USB-C Port der Grafikkarte?

  • Yepp, once i saw this, I thought there must be a way that this can work. But never found one until today ;)

    try this with monterey and send ioreg

  • With this one no new controller is showing up in hackintool and no usb connection.


  • With this one the controller and the drives show up.:top:

    I will give an update about the speeds in a bit.

    send log ioreg please

  • it's still slow as before. A disk benchmark (DiskMark) takes very long and i actually never completed one.

    Do you use connected hub? You are taking advantage of the hs wuindi usb 2.0 part and slower for this reason. Connect usb 3.0 device to type c and then do speed test

  • The hub is build into the monitor.

    When I use a USB 3.0 adpater (dont know if this small adapter is actually any good) to usb-c directly into the GPU it shows up quicker at the desktop and i got this speed.

    directly to USB 3.0

    USB-C from mainboard to Monitor I get this.

    With adapter to mainboard usb-c:

    Yepp, looks like the adapter is not really good.

    edit: I have tested now also with a thunderbolt cable, which doesn't change anything.

  • A SSD connected to 6900Xt USB typeC

  • Hi, I do not use Monitor Usb because it is a 43 '' and USB are in the back part not easy to reach

    this result is with a meter cable from GPU to my USB case