​How to do customize the Ozmosis (OZ) GA-Z170-HD3 motherboard BIOS?plz

  • How do I customize the Ozmosis (OZ) GA-Z130-HD3 motherboard BIOS? :help
    I had customized the GA-Z97MX-G3 motherboard BIOS OZ firmware myself before, and tried to customize the GA-Z130-HD3 OZ firmware in the same way, but couldn't boot it :oops: :wallbash: (because the ROM file was short of space left, I deleted some unused modules to expand the space required by the oz module)

    Are there any good suggestions or ideas? OR....
    Who can help me customize the GA-Z170-HD3 motherboard BIOS for Ozmosis? Thanks alots!

  • Hi,

    there is possible to create OZ bios on 100 series motherboards but it`s more dificult than old series. Unfortunately you have motherboard with 64 Mbit bios and there is no space for Ozmosis. More space is in 128 Mbit. Have a look on this link. There is step by step guide: https://www.insanelymac.com/fo…ries-skylake-cpus-and-up/


  • Thanks for your reply!!

    This means that 64Mbit BIOS can only delete some useless modules inorder to add oz modules......
    OR...... try on Efi\ Directory ?
    There are some difficulties.

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  • I`m sorry but I don`t have expirience with this board. It means, I don`t know how much files you can insert to this bios. Use plesase MMTool and after each file save it. If you don`t have a place in your Bios MMtool give you error message. Yes, some files you can insert to EFI partition. Try it please and let as know. Good luck :)


  • Please have in mind that OZ on series 100 motherboards is highly experimental chances are high that you end with an invalid or destroyed rom Image or an unbootable System.

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