OC DELL Latitude E6420

  • Okay i think i will try this evening.
    keep us informed if everything still work :)

    good luck to you

  • Hi,

    Thank you for the EFI files !

    I am stuck to boot on the usb...

    I have installed the EFI folder onto the usb directly (and not on the hard drive where MacOS is already installed), but i can’t boot on the usb...

    And when i try to add the boot argument in the BIOS, i’m not able to find the bootx64.efi...

    This evening i will try as you said : directly install the EFI on a partition of the hard drive

  • I thought it was possible to take the boot file directly from the usb (i didn’t use the efi partition, but i did a partition on the stick), but i didn’t think it would stuck...

    Thanks for your tips ;)

  • Anyhting is done, but it would be very cool if i manage to :)

  • Luluuuuu18 which Dell you use ? Runs your device BigSur? :)

    Kein Support per Privatnachricht

    DU bist auf der Suche nach neuer hackbarer Hardware? Dann wirf doch mal einen Blick ins Hardware Center

    Zu deiner Hardware gibt es noch keinen Post im Hardware Center? Dann schreibe doch selbst einen kleinen Beitrag dazu und teile deine EFI mit der Community. Wir freuen uns von dir zu lesen :)

  • Basti Wolf i use a 2011 Dell Latitude e6520. It needs a patch of Big Sur, which is provided in this case by the OC EFI folder of Mo-6420

    In fact both of the e6520 and the e6420 are close in hardware, so it is possible that it works :)

  • my dear friend luluuu18,

    It's not a problem of path just the efi partition of hdd must be format on fat32..

    For me i usec2 hdd and 3 systems (windows, ubuntu and macos)..

    I use windows to format efi partition of my 2nd hdd where macos big sur installing to format it on fat32 and surprise friend it works...

  • Ohhhh okay i didn’t understand that

    Thank you ! :)

  • You are the best i know that....

    Not at all my friend luluuu18 you re welcome...

    Thank you too

    It is easy you try to find a method to format the efi hdd into fat32 after put the opencore folder go to the bios and you see that it is not stuck ok

    For me i use 2 hdd and i format it with windows don't repeat mine hhh ok find your solution ok

  • I’ll use Windows, it’s easier XD

    No i’ll use MacOS, because i won’t have to switch between the 2 OS :)

  • it works !

    I am partionning the hdd and try to install on it.

    The screen resolution is not in full HD but i haven’t modify the open core files to match with the screen.
    congratulations Mo-6420, you did a very great job !!

  • hi luluuuu18,

    It's not me who do a great job BRAVO to you my friend you do a perfect job more than me.

    I know that from the begining...

    It's a very very good news...

    Thank you to you too and all friends who has the same pc.

    Thank you...

    For my friend vansmocs,

    I have no idea my friend because my pc has not nvidea as a graphics.

    For the intel wifi in our pc is unsupported by macos from mojave still big sur so use an usb wifi tp link like i do...

    For vansmocs these steps that i did good luck if it works tell me ...see the pic.