AMD Hackintosh GC Titan Ridge with Thunderbolt

  • Sorry for English on this board but DSM2 seems like a very knowledgable person in regards to thunderbolt on hackintosh.

    My system is:

    AMD Ryzen 2700x

    Asus TUF B450m Plus Gaming

    Flashed GC Titan Ridge

    Slate Digital VRS8 audio interface

    I have thunderbolt working on my system but can't seem to get my audio interface to work properly. It is working with Windows, but Mac doesn't seem to initialize it properly. I tried a custom SSDT and that seems to change the path in IOReg to the interface but it still doesn't load properly.

    From the minimal posts I've seen online, some have gotten it to work enabling Intel Vt-d and Above 4g decoding, two settings I do not have on my board. Do you think there is any possibility of getting it work?

    I can send ioreg files and aml when I get back to that computer.


  • Aquadeluxe
    I'm trying to get a regular GC Titan Ridge running on a Gigabyte TRX40 Aorous Wifi Plus Rev 1.1.

    Did you get your TB running?

    ASUS Proart Creator z490 10G

    Intel i9 108500K


    Big Sur 11.6.1

    iGPU - no dGPU