Patching ASUS ROG 753VD laptop

  • Hi!

    I have MacOS X 10.13.6 (High Sierra) running on my laptop.
    I boot Mac with Clover v4644 in UEFI mode on a M2 SSD and installed it using APFS filesystem.
    The EFI folder I'm using is from Mt-fr who kindly uploaded his working config to github Here.

    So far this is what is working:
    -Ethernet (RealtekRTL8111)
    -Audio (VoodooHDA)
    -USB 3.0
    -iGPU (Intel HD630)
    -Wifi (external usb dongle)

    Can anyone help me in troubleshooting the touchpad and internal wifi?
    I've attached my bootlog, dsdt.aml file, clover kexts folder, and pci device list.

  • Hi and welcome to the forum... :)

    Your internal Wifi-Card won't work, since it is a Intel Wireless 7265, which is not supported on macOS.
    For the touchpad issue with the I2C Controller, you should wait for one of the other users who might be able to help you.


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