gpu using patch on asus gl553vd

  • @anonymous writer hi
    how are you ?
    i worked on debug of PropertyInjector.kext ===>
    can you enable gtx1050 ?
    can you connect laptop fan to mac os for monitor fan speed ? ( most i find fan id in windows ?)

  • Hi @mt-fr,
    please write more details.
    Which gtx1050? In your Laptop?
    Same Laptop as in the Title?


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    hi for my laptop .... gl553vd please .
    in the past time you made kext for this laptop wit pci list but gtx1050 blocked i think for that mac os boot get long time to boot .
    for fan i need monitor fan speed and control it in mac os , in windows i have ROG gaming center by Asus , this app can control fan in windows

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  • give you an answer tomorrow. I'm just not on my Hacki.


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    now can't you Edit your kext ? and do renove gtx1050 block and add fan id to system ?

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  • Hi @mt-fr,
    please upload your current EFI. As a base for further changes.


  • my clover folder
    when i removed the old dsdt file in patch folder elan 1200 hasn't worked

    i send old dsdt file
    need to change dsdt file with new because old file for fx553 !! for that i get origin file now


    now fix it with ==>

    1. # Patch to fix ELAN1200 _DSM method to make it work with VoodooI2Cinto method label _DSM parent_label TPD0 remove_entry;into device label TPD0 insertbegin\nMethod (_DSM, 4, Serialized) // _DSM: Device-Specific Method ELAN1200 \n{\nIf (LEqual (Arg0, HIDG))\n{\nReturn (HIDD (Arg0, Arg1, Arg2, Arg3, HID2))\n}\n\nIf (LEqual (Arg0, TP7G))\n{\nReturn (TP7D (Arg0, Arg1, Arg2, Arg3, SBFB, SBFG))\n}\n\nReturn (Buffer (One)\n{\n0x00 \n})\n}\nend;

    but i think it can work better than this . in windows work very well


    • DSDT-old.aml

      (193,98 kB, 5 Mal heruntergeladen, zuletzt: )

      (6,84 MB, 6 Mal heruntergeladen, zuletzt: )

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  • I removed "disable-external-gpu" in the PropertyInjector.kext.

    For the GTX-1050 you need the Nvidia Webdriver. Webdriver exist until today only up to High Sierra,



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    thank you so much , can you off the hd630 ?
    can you add the fan to system with this kexts because add pci list

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  • Why do you want to turn off the HD-630? You can usually do that via BIOS Setting.

    To display the FAN in the PCI list, I need Device ID and Vendor ID from the FAN. Did you find them somewhere?


  • turn off hd630 and only use gtx1050
    and i have mac os 10.14 after use new kext i can see gtx in graphic tab! ( i haven't nvidia web yet )
    MR. in images i send 3 images for ---> how can i install

    • Intel Gaussian Mixture Mode
    • Apple Intel Thermal Subsystem
    • Intel SMBus Controller


    for fan ==> only control in windows can you use windows data to set fan in mac ?

  • @anonymous writer Könnte das Testobjekt sein (Ambiente Light Sensor) ;)

    iMac17,1 GA-Z170N WiFi F22f |i5-6600 HD530 |RX 560 |16GB RAM |250GB SSD |10.14 |Clover 44754d721202bdfa64862a2f2f37a804bfd1902613d1.png

    17175be6f7acb907b444f2d72f8ad87409328755.pngMacBook 9,1 XiaoMi 12" |m3-6Y30 HD515 |4GB RAM |SSD 128 & 250 GB |10.14 |Clover 4714

    MacBookPro14,2 XiaoMi Pro 15,6" |i5-8250U UHD620 |8GB RAM |250 & 250GB SSD |10.14 |10.14 beta 1 |Clover 4714
    MacBookPro14,2 Lenovo 510-15IKS |i5-6200U HD520 |8GB RAM |128SSD 1TB HDD |Win10 - 10.14 |Clover 4714

    Keine Unterstützung per PN... Eure Anfragen gehören ins Forum, nicht in mein Postfach!


  • Hi @mt-fr,
    I like to help you and I have some ideas too. Today, it is already late in Germany and I worked on a wifi dw-1820a for my laptop which gave me a lot of work and stress. :)

    Hi @NoirOSX,
    Anscheinend bin ich immer noch der Einzige welcher einen funktionierenden Ambiente Light Sensor möchte. :)

    Hilfreich ist da immer der Erfahrungsaustausch, wobei der für die DW-1820a eher Zufall war.


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    ok . i love your work <3 and your ideas . i'm Waiting

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  • This two files should get work Apple Intel Thermal Subsystem and Intel SMBus Controller .

    Intel Gaussian Mixture Mode > Does this device also exist for OSX and when yes which driver will be load?
    If you can answer this question I can connect the device with the OSX device driver.

    Fan > No Device ID, therefore unfortunately no possibility to integrate this in OSX. Sorry.



  • Hi .
    thank you .
    "Intel Gaussian Mixture Model > Does this device also exist for OSX and when yes which driver will be load?"? i've searched about it but i can't find driver for that only for linux or windows .
    after used two file ---> my touchpad doesn't worked .

  • Hi @mt-fr,
    please delete files from post 95 and try instead these two files.

    For Intel Gaussian Mixture Model I will write back later.



  • Hi mt-fr

    perfect done, thanks for providing yours EFI-Folder for the forum.


  • Hi mt-fr,

    I followed your instructions to install trackpad on Mojave but it doesn't work for me.

    I ran Kext Utility after deleting AppleIntelLpssI2C.kext and AppleIntelLpssI2CController.kext from System/Library/Extensions and rebooted with VoodooHDA.kext in EFI/Clover/Kexts/10.14/ folder and no result. Mac keeps booting without touchpad :(

    Everything else is super. Intel HD630, HDMI, Audio, Bluetooth, Ethernet and Keyboard Fn keys are working like a charm! Thanks for all your work.