How to create or edit own OzmosisDefaults.plist

  • Hello everyone! Please tell me where to download the untouched OzmosisDefaults.plis? and how to edit?
    I downloaded the finished one but I did not like it because for all users same serial and system, I want to do a piece for myself only? thank you in advance ^^ honestly
    I do not earn money from this, in our country, not who does not
    interest and even does not know what hakintosh, they even do not know
    what macOS, our people use 99% of PCs!

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  • In my case i use Mac OS X SL, ML, Mav, Yos, El Cap, macOS Sierra and High Sierra, cause i am a nerd and donkey, my wife and my son dont have a father. :D

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  • @RA.UZ try this one: defaults.plist it's the one I use as Blueprint for all of my builds. If you like a more vanilla version than maybe this is the right place for you: https://www.hackintosh-forum.d…OzmosisDefaults-Vorlagen/ the ones stored there are untouched ones extracted from the quo aos rom.

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  • derHackfan :D if you continue living with hakintosh they never know about you. I, too, have a life like you, it all started when I hear about the hackintosh :totlachen:

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