CORE_DXE compresed in UEFITool

  • Hello,

    don`t you know someone right way how to extract - compress - insert compressed CORE_DXE via UEFITool. I think that is:

    UEFITool Export
    I find CORE_DXE in Bios region
    I find PE32 image section of CORE_DXE and Extract Body.
    Select All Files and name it as File name CORE_DXE.efi (Core dxe has 1,6 MB - it`s same if I expotr it via MMTool)

    Compression: I used Kext2Ffs and i placed CORE_DXE.efi to EFI folder and run the script. Final compressed file CORE_DXE.ffs has 238 KB.

    UEFITool Import
    PE32 image section of CORE_DXE and Replace Body with compressed file CORE_DXE

    If I save a Bios image I have no errors
    Is it right way to compress CORE_DXE via UEFITool?

    Thank you

  • You don't have to compress CORE_DXE when you're using UEFITool.

    In most cases CORE_DXE will already be compressed. Furthermore you will not be provided with more space in the ROM after CORE_DXE compression, because other Volumes can become smaller this way...

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