Lilu - Generic kext patcher (neue Grundlage für diverse Kexte)

  • v1.3.1

    • Lowered version compatibility to 1.2.0 to let plugins load

    Note: This release is functionally not different from 1.3.0, but it fixes plugin loading from /Library/Extensions if absolutely necessary.


    iMac17,1 GA-Z170N WiFi F22f |i5-6600 HD530 |RX 560 |16GB RAM |250GB SSD |10.14.2 |Clover r4831

    MacBook 9,1 XiaoMi 12" |m3-6Y30 IntelHD515 |4GB RAM |SSD 128 & 250 GB |10.14.2 |10.14.3 DB |Clover r4842

    MacBookPro14,2 XiaoMi Pro 15,6"(mod Bios)|i5-8250U IntelUHD620 |8GB RAM |250 & 250GB SSD |10.14.2 |Clover r4842

    MacBookPro14,2 Lenovo 510-15IKS |i5-6200U IntelHD520 |8GB RAM |128SSD 1TB HDD |Win10 - 10.14.2 |Clover r4842


    MacMini HYSTOU P05B| I7 8550U Intel UHD Graphics 620| xxGB RAM| 500GB SSD