AppleALC - der dynamische AppleHDA Patcher - immer aktuell

  • v1.2.3

    • Added alcid=layout boot argument for testing purposes
    • Added automatic rename for HDEF device
    • Added ALC255 layout-id 18 for Aorus X5V7 by DuNe
    • Change Platforms18.xml.zlib for ALC255 by DuNe
    • Added ALC898 layout-id 101 by Andrey1970 (4 Line Out)
    • Added ALC262 layout-id 28 for HP Z800-Z600 series by MacPeet
    • Added ALC225 layout-id 33 by ChalesYu
    • Added ALC282 layout-id 127 No input boost Acer Aspire on IvyBridge by Andrey1970
    • Added ALC294 layout-id 13 by InsanelyDeepak
    • Added IDT92HD91BXX layout-id 13 for HP Envy 6 1171-SG by MacPeet

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  • Und ganz frisch, aus dem Kext-Osternest, die Version 1.2.4, mit folgenden Neuerungen:

    - Added ALC269 layout-id 10 (toleda) for Brix by ttimasdf
    - Added ALC663 layout-id 99 for ASUS N71J by alex1960
    - Added CX20641 layout-id 11 and layout-id 13 for Dell OptiPlex 3010 or compatible by MacPeet
    - Added CX20642 layout-id 11 and layout-id 13 for Fujitsu ESPRIMO E910 E90+ or compatible by MacPeet
    - Added NVIDIA HDMI patches for GK208, GM206, GP102, GP106 for 10.13.4+ by FredWst
    - Added Intel HDMI patches for Haswell 0x0A260005 by Andrey1970
    - Added NVIDIA HDMI patch for GM200 by al3xtjames



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  • v1.2.6

    • Fixed a rare kernel panic due to use-after-free in verb code at waking from sleep


    • Implemented verb execution after wake (via WakeVerbReinit in PinConfigs), obsoletes CodecCommander in fixed resources
    • Implemented custom verbs for wake (via WakeConfigData in PinConfigs), ConfigData is used by default
    • Merged PinConfigs into AppleALC main binary by default for compatibility reasons
    • Hardened solved symbol verification to avoid panics with broken kext cache
    • Added PinConfigurations injection, since they provide useful debugging info
    • Added NVIDIA HDMI patch for GM204 for 10.13.4+
    • Added ALC233 layout-id 33 for ASUS VIVOBOOK S451LA by MacPeet
    • Added HD3000 desktop and laptop HDMI patches
    • Added wake verbs for ALCS1220A layout-id 1, 2, 5, 7 to avoid the need of CodecCommander
    • Added EAPD wake verbs to all ALC 221, 225, 233, 235, 236, 255, 256, 270, 271, 272, 284, 286, 288, 290, 293, 295 by Vandroiy
    • Added EAPD wake verbs to some ALC 269, 275, 280, 282, 283, 292, 294, 298, 662, 663, 668, 887, 888, 889, 892, 898, 1150 by Vandroiy
    • Fixed broken AFGLowPowerState, LayouID and other fields in several PinConfigs info.plist
    • Fixed rare kernel panics due to short incompatible HDEF controller patches affecting other code


  • Ab v.1.2.5 ist für Ozmosis keine spezielle AppleALC-OZM.kext Version mehr nötig!


    • Added NVIDIA HDMI patch for GP107 and GP108 for 10.13.4+
    • Added NVIDIA HDMI patch for GP104 for 10.13.4+


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  • v1.3.0

    • Requires Lilu 1.2.5 and higher and enabled on 10.14 by default
    • Added digital audio property injection for AMD, Intel, NVIDIA
    • Added NVIDIA multi-gpu NVIDIA HDAU patch support
    • Added ALC269VC layout-id 30 for Hasee Z6SL7R3 by HF

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  • v1.3.1

    > Fixed incorrect unused HDAU termination
    > Fixed pinconfig refresh causing random init failures
    > Added ALC225/ALC3253 layout-id 30 for Dell Inspiron 17-7779 by Constanta
    > Added ALC295 layout-id 12 for Asus UX430 by hieplpvip
    > Added Realtek ALC256 (3246) layout-id 11 for dell 7559 by Rockjesus
    > Added ALC887 layout-id 50 for Asus PRIME B250-PLUS by 0th3r
    > Added ALC295 layout-id 12 for HP Envy x360 15-bp107tx by Damon

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  • v1.3.2

    • Added ALC269 layout-id 45 for Asus A45A and K45 by maiconjs (Wolfield)
    • Added WakeConfigData for ALC892 layout-id 1 by FredWst
    • Added ALC295 layout-id 14 for Asus UX430UA by InsanelyDeepak
    • Added ALC295 layout-id 15 for ALC295/ALC3254 by InsanelyDeepak
    • Remove duplicate resources for ALC295 layout-id 12 on Asus UX430
    • Added ALC230 layout-id 13 for Lenovo 310-14ISK by Andres


  • v1.3.3

    • Added ability to disable controller patching by injecting property 'no-controller-patch' (for use of FakePCIID_Intel_HDMI_Audio)
    • Fixed volume control for CX8200 with Wern Apfel patch from CX20724
    • Fixed patches for IDT92HD872_4 (IDT 76d9)
    • Added ALC235 layout-id 14 for Lenovo Y520/Y720 series by the-braveknight
    • Added ALC230 layout-id 20 for Lenovo Ideapad 320 by maiconjs
    • Added ALC887-VD AD0 layout-id 20 for Asus Z97M-PLUS/BR by maiconjs
    • Added ALC887-VD layout-id 40 for Asus B85-ME by maiconjs
    • Added ALC236 layout-id 16 for Lenovo Ideapad 320s 14ikb by RodionS
    • Added ALC885 layout-id 15 for GA-G33M-DS2R by MacPeet
    • Added ALC662 layout-id 15 for Acer Aspire A7600U All in One by MacPeet
    • Added ALC255 layout-id 30 for XiaoMi Notebook Air by HongyuS
    • Added CX20590 layout-id 13 and 14 for Lenovo T420 by tluck
    • Added ALC283 layout-id 44 for ThinkCentre M93z 10AF ALC283 by giesteira
    • Added ALC662v3 layout-id 16 for Lenovo ThinkCentre M92P SFF by phucnguyen.2411
    • Added ALC282 layout-id 22 for Lenovo Y430P by lovert
    • Fixed CX20756 layout-id 13
    • Added ALC892 layout-id 15 for MSi Z97S SLI Krait Edition by MacPeet
    • Fix volume control for CX20756 layout-id 13 and external mic minor changes/fixes


  • v1.3.4

    • Disabled AppleGFXHDA matching onto HDEF to force AppleHDA usage
    • Added Wern Apfel's menubar patch for CX20590
    • Added ALC255 layout-id 21 for Asus X441UA-WX096D by Andres ZeroCross
    • Added ALC255 layout-id 21 for Asus VivoBook Pro 15 CX8150 by Andres ZeroCross
    • Added ability to disable controller injection with property no-controller-inject
    • Added SigmaTel STAC9200 layout-id 11 for Dell Precision 390 by Goldfish64
    • Added support for HDMI Audio of Alienware Alpha GTX860M
    • Added ALC1220 layout-id 15 for MSI WT75 Laptop by fleaplus.
    • Fix ConfigData in ALC256 (3246) for Dell Series by Insanelydeepak
    • Added ALC298 layout-id 21 for Lenovo 720S-15IKB by Andres ZeroCross
    • Added ALC236 layout-id 99 for Lenovo Air 13 IWL by DalianSky
    • Fix speaker volume slider CX8050
    • Enable NVIDIA HDMI patches for laptop GPUs
    • Added ALC280 layout-id 21 for Dell Precision T7610 Workstation by Andres ZeroCross
    • Added ALC295 layout-id 21 for Acer Nitro 5 Spin (NP515-51) by Andres ZeroCross
    • Added VIA VT1705 layout-id 21 for ECS H81H3-M4 (1.0A) by Andres ZeroCross
    • Added ALC269 layoutid=88 for MECHREVO X8Ti Plus by DalianSky
    • Added ALC662 layout-id 17 for HP Compaq Elite 8000 SFF by aloha_cn
    • Added ALC288 layout-id 23 for Dell XPS 9343 by yyfn
    • Added ALC892 layout-id 16 for MSI GL73-8RD by MacPeet
    • Change CX20585 layout-id 13 resources
    • Added ALC887 layout-id 52 for Asus PRIME Z270-P by ctich
    • Added AD1984A layout-id 44 by Giesteira
    • Added ALC269 layout-id 44 for Samsung _NP350V5C by Giesteira
    • Added ALC269 layout-id 17 by MacPeet
    • Added ALC1220 layout-id 16 for Gigabyte Z390 by MacPeet


  • v1.3.6

    • Update Revision 0x100001 for CX20751/2 (Toshiba Kira 107)
    • Added ALC255 layout-id 15 for Gigabyte Brix BRi5(H), BRi7(H)] by najdanovicivan
    • Added ALC295/ALC3254 for Dell Latitude 5290 by Unbelievable9
    • Fix ALC1220 audio after sleep
    • Added ALC1220 layout-id 27 for Gigabyte-Z370-HD3P by lostwolf
    • Added ALC299 layout-id 22 for Dell XPS 13 by andreszerocross
    • Added ALC887-VD layout-id 87 for GA-Z97-HD3 ver2.1 by varrtix
    • Update resources for ALC236 layout-id 18 by xiaoMGitHub
    • Added CX20753/4 layout-id 15 for Lenovo Thinkpad E580 by MacPeet
    • Added CX20753/4 layout-id 14 by InsanelyDeepak
    • Change ALC887 layout-id 52 for Asus PRIME Z270-P by ctich
    • Added ALC887 layout-id 53 for Asus PRIME Z270-P by ctich


  • v.1.3.7

    • VT2020_2021 anticlick patches by chrome
    • VT1802 anticlick patches by chrome
    • VT1705 anticlick patches by chrome
    • AD2000B anticlick patches by chrome
    • AD1988B anticlick patches by chrome
    • CA0132 added sоme anticlick patches by chrome
    • STAC9200 10.14.4 compatible anticlick patch by chrome
    • ALCS1200A 10.14.4 compatible anticlick patch by chrome
    • ALC891 10.14.4 compatible anticlick patch by chrome
    • ALC1150 10.14.4 compatible anticlick patch by chrome
    • Update resources for ALC298 layout-id 99 for XiaoMi Pro by stevezhengshiqi
    • Added ALC235 layout-id 16 for ASUS GL553VD by MacPeet
    • Added ALC256 layout-id 57 for huawei honor magic book by ROSstudy



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  • v1.3.8

    • Fixed rare random audio init failure on 10.14
    • Added ALC255 (3246) layout-id 100 for alienware alpha r2 by DalianSky
    • Added ALC262 layout-id 7 for MS-7480N1 by DalianSky
    • Added ALC236 layout-id 54 for DELL-5488 by Daggeryu
    • Added ALC280 layout-id 16 for Optiplex 9020SFF by cowpod
    • Added ALC1220 layout-id 34 for MSI P65 Creator Laptop by CleverCoder
    • Added ALC892 layout-id 97 for Hasee K770e i7 D1 (P170sm-a) by gitawake
    • Fix Typo/Update Pinconfig ALC294 layout21 by Andres and Add HDAController patch for WhiskeyLake Notebook
    • Update PathMap for ALC298 layout-id 99 for XiaoMi-Pro
    • Added ALC892 layout-id 17 for MSI B150M MORTAR - SwitchMode by MacPeet
    • Added ALC892 layout-id 18 for MSI B150M MORTAR - ManualMode by MacPeet
    • Added ALC1220 layout-id 28 for Z390 Aorus Ultra - Output SP/HP Manualmode by MacPeet
    • Added VT1802 layout-id 65 for hasee K650D by ivothgle
    • Added ALCS1220A layout-id 20 and 21 for Asus ROG STRIX Z370-F Gaming by RodionS & Nacho
    • Added ALC270 layout-id 21 for Asus A46CB-WX024D Laptop by Andres ZeroCross


  • v1.3.9

    • Allow loading on 10.15 without -lilubetaall
    • Added ALC272 layout-id 18 for Lenovo B570 and B570e by Sniki
    • Added Conexant CX8070 (CX11880) layout-id 15 for Lenovo ThinkPad E590 by MacPeet
    • Added ALC1220 layout-id 29 for Z390 Aorus Ultra - Output SP/HP SwitchMode by MacPeet
    • Added Conexant CX8200 layout-id 15 for HP ZbooK 15UG4 by MacPeet
    • Update AD1984 layout-id 11 by MacPeet
    • Added ALC663 layout-id 15 for Fujitsu Celsius r670 by MacPeet
    • Added ALC700 layout-id 11 for NUC HC
    • Added AMD Vega-M HDMI
    • Added ALC235 layout-id 12 for Lenovo Rescuer 15ISK by Z39
    • Added ALC235 layout-id 21 for Lenovo C530 Desktop PC by Andres ZeroCross
    • Added ALC256 layout-id 22 for Asus VivoBook Pro 17 N705UDR by Andres ZeroCross
    • Added ALC255(3234) layout-id 11 for dell optiplex by Heporis
    • Added ALC256 layout-id 14 for Dell Series with Subwoofer courtesy of @insanelydeepak
    • Update ALC892 layout-id 97 by gitawake
    • Update ALC298 layout-id 66 for MECHREVO S1 by lgs3137
    • Added ALCS1220A layout-id 11 for Asus Z270-G (based on Mirone's layout 7) by Kushamot


  • v1.4.0

    • Unified release archive names
    • Added AMD Zen 2 controller patches by camielverdult
    • Added ALC274 layout-id 21 for Dell Inspiron 27-7777 AIO Series by Andres ZeroCross
    • Added ALC257 layout-id 18 for Lenovo Legion Y540 and Y7000-2019 by xiaoMGitHub
    • Added ALC289 layout-id 23 for Acer PT515-51 By Bugprogrammer and Rover
    • Added ALC285 layout 31 for Thinkpad X1E 8750H version by Flymin


  • v1.4.1

    • Fixed memory leaks
    • Added AMD Radeon R9 Fury/R9 Fury X HDMI audio support
    • Added ALC256 layout-id 66 for ASUS Y5000U X507UBR by lgs3137
    • Added ALC235 layout-id 22 for Asus ROG GL553VD-FY380 by Andres ZeroCross
    • Added ALC892 layout-id 90 for GIGABYTE B360M M AORUS PRO by xunyard
    • Added ALC298 layout-id 32 for XPS 9570 8750H version by smallssnow
    • Added ALC292 layout-id 55 for Dell Latitude E6440/E6540 with docking station linein/lineout support by baesar0
    • Added ALC256 layout-id 97 for MateBook X Pro 2019 by DalianSky
    • Added ALC269 layout-id 100 for GPD P2 Max by DalianSky
    • Merged Lenovo Air13 IWL with WhiskeyLake Mobile PCH HD Audio
    • Added CX8200 layout-id 23 for HP Probook 440 G5 by frankiezdh


  • v1.4.2

    • Added Conexant CX20632 layout-id 28 for HP EliteDesk by Halelluja12
    • Added wake verb for ALC1220 layout-id 34 for MSI P65 Creator / MSI GS65
    • Added Conexant CX20632 layout 23 for HP ProDesk 480 G4 by frankiezdh
    • Fix headphone and speaker switch not working for CX8200 HP Probook 440 G5
    • Added ALC1220 layout-id 21 for MSI GE63 Raider RGB 8RF by Andres ZeroCross
    • Added ALC292 layout-id 32 for Lenovo T450s by EchoEsprit
    • Fixed string Platforms97.xml.zlib Realtek ALC256 layout-id 97 by DalianSky
    • Fix ALC700 HeadPhones and SPDIF outputs by osy86


  • v1.4.3

    • Added support for No-hda-gfx HDEF property disabling IGPU digital audio
    • Added CX8050 layout-id 13 for ASUS S410U/X411U by cowpod
    • Fix layout 13 CX8050 microphone after sleep by cowpod
    • Added STAC9872AK layout-id 12 for Sony VGN-FZ11MR by ctich
    • Added support for intel NUC7 HDMI audio device-id 719d by Sevift
    • Update configdata for dell-5488 by daggeryu
    • Fixed ALC292 layout-id 55 with linein (dock mic) boost issue by baesar0


  • v1.4.4

    • Added ALC269 layout-id 12 for Asus Vivobook S200CE by chunnann
    • Update ALC269 layout-id 19 for Asus Vivobook S300CA by chunnann
    • Update ALC230 layout-id 20 to fix sleep after wake by ameenjuz
    • Added CX8150 layout-id 22 for ASUS VivoBook S405UA-EB906T by Andres ZeroCross
    • Added ALC285 layout-id 31 for Thinkpad X1E 8750H version by Flymin


  • v1.4.5

    • Update MuteGPIO and AMP Values ALC255 layout-id 21 by Andres ZeroCross
    • Added ALC272 layout-id 21 for Lenovo All In One PC C440 by Andres ZeroCross
    • Conflict patches for NUC7 HDMI audio are deleted.
    • Added ALC285 layout-id 52 for Thinkpad P52 by liuyishengalan
    • Added Intel 400 series controller (Comet Lake) by fewtarius
    • Added 4 channel support and fixed mute button to ALC256 layout 97
    • Added ALC1220 layout-id 99 for MiBook 2019 by Dynamix1997
    • Added ALC262 layout-id 66 for MS-7847 by Dynamix1997
    • Added ALC269VC layout-id 47 for Hasee K790s by Dynamix1997


  • v1.4.6

    • Add missing pinconfig ALC235 layout-id 16
    • Fixed speaker/headphone priority ALC700 layout-id 11
    • 300 Series PCH HD Audio is native in 10.14+
    • Added ALC215 layout-id 18 for HP 830 G6 by 965987400abc
    • Added TCSEL change to TC0 for Intel codecs